Choosing an Eye Doctor

Before choosing an eye doctor, it is important to understand what your insurance plan covers. Many vision insurance plans cover eye exams as part of the benefit package, but you must check the fine print to be sure. Your health insurance provider should also be able to tell you what you'll pay out of pocket. Your optometrist can refer you to the best Raleigh eye doctor if your eye condition requires specialized treatment. If you have a vision insurance plan, you can use your provider's directory to find a qualified eye doctor.While an optometrist can treat many common eye conditions, ophthalmologists have specialized training in certain areas. These subspecialists complete additional training, or fellowships, in areas such as glaucoma, cornea, and retina. They also often have additional training in pediatrics, neurology, and other fields. 


Their additional training makes them well-equipped to handle more advanced eye conditions, and the costs of seeing them can be lower.A comprehensive exam with an eye doctor at the True Vision Eye Care center involves several tests. The doctor will check the eyelids, lashes, iris, lens, and the fluid chamber between the cornea and iris. The doctor will discuss the likelihood of developing eye disease and preventive measures you can take to protect your eyesight. Another test that may be used to diagnose an eye disease is a visual field test. In this test, a doctor watches the movements of the patient's eye to see if the muscles are weak or if their coordination is poor.


Once your eye doctor has determined that you have a medical eye condition, your ophthalmologist can perform surgery to treat your condition. This doctor will examine your eyes with the latest technologies and help you choose the most appropriate treatment. You can also get treatment right away from an ophthalmologist if you've been experiencing eye pain or discomfort. There are many different types of eye doctors to choose from, and choosing one with advanced training and experience can be beneficial.A comprehensive eye exam is the medical standard for treating vision problems. It can detect 270 types of serious diseases and problems. In fact, doctors of optometry identified the signs of diabetes in more than 301,000 patients in 2018 alone. 


These annual exams will help you protect your vision and your overall health. If you have any concerns about your eyesight, schedule an appointment with a qualified eye doctor today. This appointment will give you peace of mind and prevent further damage.To become an eye doctor, you must first complete medical school. After graduating from medical school, you must complete an internship and a one-year residency program in an ophthalmology specialty. Your residency will involve two or three years of hands-on experience in a hospital. The next step in your career is obtaining a doctorate in ophthalmology. If you have the right education and experience, you can become an ophthalmologist.

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